Advice For Hooking Up Your H40-H70 Tecumseh "Big Block" Throttle

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I've put this together so you can see how Tecumseh hooked up the throttle cable on there big block engines. This was a group effort and we hope this will answer any questions you have regarding the throttle parts, hook up and rod arrangement.

The parts you would need to create a minibike specific H50 are as follows:

Speed Control Bracket #30199A
Bellcrank #30712---------->These 3 items are being sold on ebay for $40-$60
Bellcrank #30201A

Bushing #29530
Bushing #28562
Extension Spring #30202 "governor"
Torsion Spring #32977 "throttle return"
The rods can be easily made and I'm assuming your governor assembly is on the engine so I'm not going to spend time on those items. These are really the (7) items needed to do the job correctly. I use used parts, if you can't find them used, I would check small engine shops. The 7 items listed can be obtained for around $30 new. But you have to look around.
The 7 items:

Tecumseh Had a "cable" specific blower housing with threaded inserts to allow for the Bracket and two bell cranks to be installed. If you don't have the proper blower housing your welcome to PM me your email address and I will email you a template. Then the holes can be drilled in the correct spots and short machine screws with Loc-Tite or locking nuts can be used.
Inside of a "minibike" blower housing:

Here Is a engine of jmbmini that will show you how it should look.
Right side, showing cable and linkage:

And the left showing the rods to and from the governor:

Here is a neat image showing a governor over ride, this maintains the correct appearance. But notice the rod installed instead of a spring. This image is courtesy of jmbmini:

Here is the Tecumseh schematics:

Hopefully this will help you out and clear up the confusion:thumbsup::scooter:
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