Anyone familiar with these, ebay carburetors?

I put one on my mini before I had to pull the engine for a rebuild. Only problem I had was the straight fuel nipple. Had to swap it to a 90 degree.
Yep, I keep a spare around .. for me the weak point is the needle jet to bowl gasket, I have had a couple disintegrate and leak within a couple days.
I agree with Chipper, the OldMiniBikes version is probably better quality. I haven't had much luck with those eBay carbs. Ethanol in the gasoline eats them up quickly.


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So far I've used 5 of the re-pop carbs within the past year...each being used on a Tecumseh,and have had no major issues. 2 minibikes,1 snowblower,1 chipper and 1 tiller.