Hello everyone. I recently bought this bike from facebook marketplace. I have been unable to find out much about it. I want to know what its original paintjob looked like since I want to do a full restoration. I can tell it is quite old. One thing that stands out on this bike is the piece of curved metal on the frame that guards the rear sprocket, that is something that appears to be unique on this bike. I saw a bike almost identical to this one on marketplace not long after I bought this one, which confirms that the seat and chainguard must be original to the bike. The problem is google searching anything about this bike comes up with absolutely nothing.


Canadian Cat Repro?

Not really but it looks like one, 300x etc. minus the inverted Dorsal Fin :)
Are you in Canada? This one was posted about a month ago, (according to the post), in Toronto. It is the only reference I have found, in about 10 minutes of looking. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-buy-sell-ot...ache-mini-bike-runs-good/1623142097?undefined I get the feeling these not not very old.

Yes, I did see this which confirms that all of the parts on my bike are original and not off of another bike. From these pictures, I was also able to undo the weird seat mod that was done on mine by the previous owner. I am surprised that there is not more information about these online