ARC Billet flywheel

I am in the process of adding a 6626 ARC Billet flywheel to my hemi predator 212. But when installed I can't get go kart to start up. Started off by pull rope breaking from compression and adjusted valve lash to help with that. And there is spark I pulled and checked. It just doesn't do anything. Anyone have a clue to what it could be?
Did it run immediately before you installed the flywheel? What I am asking is, did you do any other modifications at the same time?
Is your flywheel key installed and flywheel torqued?
My guess based on what you have already posted is that you have a timing problem.
Yes it was using with stock flywheel before and it ran. The flywheel finally came in and I put on. Flywheel key is installed and good and it is torqued.
ARC website says that wheel has 32 degrees of timing advance.
I think the original timing was 24 degrees.
Have you changed anything else, or is it all stock? (Camshaft especially?)