Are clone motors junk?


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srry I am in somewhat of a hurry and I havent read any of the posts I am only responding to the title
"are clone motors junk?"
Well lets say you can buy a copy motor for half the cost of the original
and you completely wear out 2 clone motors on your minibike
the question would be did the two clones together give you more riding time than 1 original?
in most cases I would say yes and that makes them a value
now if you are raceing that is a completely different story as performance is of major importance and the quality of the metals and the assembly clearances will make or break you


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Turns out it was the clone and not the clutch. I took the clutch apart and it appeared by the wear on the clutch pads that the clone didn't have enough rpm's to engage it properly. I put a 3.5 hp briggs on and it runs like a champ. Maybe the original clutch burnt out and the new one was too big for the clone.
it kind of sounds like something in the throttle hook up(governor) or carb was causing the problem?
3.5hp briggs sounds like a nice size engine to replace the 2.5hp motor:thumbsup:
i got a Pro Equip engine from ebay... its a honda clone... its a 9.0 hp engine
see my thread called 9hp el burro death trap... this engine runs awsome... i paid $230 with shipping!!!!! runs just as good if not better than the honda i had on there previously...


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All the clones will run excellent in stock configuration. It's when you start to modify them is where you come up with new findings.
well said. . . . nothing wrong with a stock clone
if I had landscaping business I would be running clones on everthing and would never rebuild them only minor repairs