Bonanza roller all original

I hope that comment isn't towards me I can travel to mayberry barney
I answered your flipping question..... AND YES it was directed straight at YOU...

You join a Forum on Tuesday and want to be the bad boy on Wednesday..... Lighten up and pay attention. Lots of good people here and lots to learn. And like I tried to help by answering your question they will help you too.

As for your threat to come to Mayberry and look for Barney..... Barney is dead.
i have a feeling that tom1958 interpreted fomogo's signature as a comment to him.
LOL.... I don't see a signature on anybody's post anymore. I wonder why I don't see them. I haven't seen them since the forum change and just figured the new format didn't support them anymore.

I had to go to my profile page to see what you were talking about.
I don't even know how to find this place on my phone... I haven't seen a sig on the desk top or the laptop since the server change. Oh well.