Build Off voting

Until Hent and the OldMiniBikes crew can get the forum issues settled, I won't be posting the voting.

There are a lot of links in the voting, so I don't want to cause the crew anymore headaches posting the polls.

This just gives you more time to look over the builds... :laugh:
I have been having trouble with the site for a few days. The browser I am using is Firefox and my wife suggested I change to google chrome.
Reluctantly I changed my browser to google and BAM no more problems. Hope this helps.
I only have my Ipad and Iphone. Seems as though many things are being resolved. I can only assume by the shear number of members that it will work on all operating systems when they are done.
Change 1 on voting.

It looks like a lot of votes are already in, and to get the polls closed and results out before Winber...

The polls will be closed the 13th.

Get your votes in if you haven't.
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T-Town Mini

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What if there's a tie in the build off voting?

The Vintage class is very close with the number of votes so far. What's the potential for a "tie-breaker" round to decide the winner?


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I have a suggestion. What if there was a link to each build in the voting class polls.

All the builds are all over the build sections.
I have not followed each and every build to cast my votes yet.