Clone Intake Question - Is it Needed?

Hello Everyone

I’ve started to put some time back into a Baja project I have.

It has a 6.5 clone with electric start. I have a cam and billet rod waiting to be installed once I get the right billet flywheel.

I have put a Mikuna 22 carb on it,

My question is: Do I need an intake manifold or can I just bolt the carb to the block. I have a few manifolds but don’t like how they look when the carb is bolted on.

I have some of the old plastic isolators if I need them.

Thanks Bunkster

Li'l Popeye

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I don't think the carb will fit straight to the engine. It does not with a GX160.
That's why I made my own, angled, intake.

Together with an angled airfilter the filter is aligned with the frame. And I made a little hole in the airfilter for the hose coming from the valve cover breather hole. I have never seen any oil coming out of it or leaving a mess in my airfilter.

Another plus: the carb and all it's screws are accessible this way. No need to take the carb off for changing/cleaning jets or any other adjustments.