Coleman CT100 Roller W/Motorsports SBH-9997

Local Pickup, Palm Bay Fl. 32907 (5 miles from I-95 exit 172)
Everybody's stuffing a Predator into one of our prized Old School Minibikes so, I wanted to take a stand,
stuff American Iron 454 into a Toyota Celica. Too many projects, and Grandkids with Santa on the way so:

Zero Miles Colemen CT100 Minibike Blown Engine. It lasted 4.2 minutes without oil. Mfg 2020-11-11.

With NOS Tecumseh Motorsports SBH-9997 engine. Comes with factory:
Tillotson Gas/Meth conversion carb with aftermarket aluminum intake.
Billet rod, Hot Coil, Fuel pump etc.

$700 cash and local pickup only.

Sure I'm gonna get the "How Much For" questions, (I would), so:

As a roller "without" the Tec and blown engine/clutch: $300
Complete CT100 with blown engine and Clutch: $350
As a roller, no blown engine/clutch but with motorsports and parts. $650
Just the MotorSports engine and parts: $450

DSCN8001[1].JPG s-l500hgtyh76876.png s-l1600Rec3.jpg s-l500Tec2.jpg DSCN8002[1].JPG s-l1600sdfgr.png
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Coleman mini bike roller sold. Turns out, it was only one of the ears on the starter broke off and jammed the pull cord.
Motorsports engine and parts still available for $350, Local Pickup.