DB 30 - Couple of Questions

Picked up my first used DB30 (the older bright green one). It's completely stock and needs the following things: brake cable, throttle cable/twist throttle, and rear tire.

1: The brake cable has a kink in it so I was just going to pick up a new cable housing for a bike brake - make sense?

2: The throttle cable that's on it is aftermarket and was mickey moused together. The price of a replacement cable is $15, but I can get a whole grip set and cable for $20 shipped on Amazon. Going with the set I think?

3: the #35 cable (original correct?) is missing the master link. When you switch over to a 6.5 Preditor, does everyone keep the stock chain or upgrade to something different?

Stock DB chain is #35 and will work with the Predator 212, but you will have to get a new clutch when you get a 212 engine. As far as the throttle I would get the new throttle with a new cable...just in case.