Definitely a Bonanza but possibly a MX 1310 TCS?

Thank you Tom, I appreciate that. I have a Hodaka MX, but I already did some of those and wanted to mess around with a hot rod HS and a TAV or something along those lines.

I'd appreciate some dimensions on those JS plates at your convenience. If I'm going to modify the bike, I might as well do it like it was originally on the other bikes. Dave
Dave, someone was reproducing the tall JS plates needed to convert a standard frame but I cannot remember who? It may have been @Hent and I when I was working with him. I know I had a set of them in my stash but gave them to someone who needed them for a conversion. @Peekster may remember as well. He needed a set but I do not know if he made them or purchased the repro's. Sorry for my lack of memory these days...


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Probably worth circling back to double check but I looked into those a year or two ago and it was agreed that the hole placement was not correct. Not sure if Hent or OldMiniBikes.
Thanks @minibikin' I have been talking with @Midyrman about this as well.

I just PM'd Hent about replacements. (Edit: No, there are no replacements) I sure wish I knew more about this subject before I started putting expensive Hodaka engines on these frames. Without the taller JS plates, the chains hit the cases. The cases are of course becoming rare, and expensive. There is no fix with sprocket sizing, only a taller JS will fix it. Any of these bikes if ridden often, would eventually chew through the inner case lining.

BC Case Damage.JPG
Hey does anyone know what was wrong with the hole placement on the plates that were offered?
When I did them before they were copied from an original set. It's possible someone didn't weld them in the correct spot and caused issues. I personally never did it.

Since they're not a hot seller, I'd need to take preorders on them if people are interested.
The tall replacement JS plate were model from the stand bonanza JS and made taller. The original tall JS plates have a lowered swing arm hinge point because of the geometry change of raising it up! Drew, If you need original dimensions for the tall plates you have my contact.
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