Diaphragm Carburetor Help on Hs40 Fox

Couldn't tune the motor just right, so I put a new diaphragm in and now she's back firing, and shooting flames.I don't think that's good lol.
I've tuned and tuned again on the carb and I just can't get it. Its either running way too rich or way too lean.
Can't find a happy medium.

Any help is appreciated.
Probably way too rich.. Some times if they are too rich it's a matter of bad fire or low compression.. Bad condensor, spark plug, valves out of adjustment..
Its a new champion plug and I can tell you one thing, it has a LOT of compression, when you pull it, it either rips uour shoulder out, or lift off the ground.
Someone told me that it may be the valves, I think its gonna be a winter project.
Thanks for the help
Did you put the diaphragm and gasket back in the right way :shrug: Some of those go gasket then the diaphragm then cover and some are diaphragm then gasket then cover.
so i removed the head, everything was all carboned up, except for the left side of the piston, the valves and other half of the piston were completely black. i cleaned that and put it all back together and the only feedback i get when i try to start it is a little popping noise.
i tried adjusting the carb and that still isn't working.

should i try and get a different carburetor?