Do you need a seat ?

Hello. What is proper protocol for ordering a seat? I sent a pm requesting a Dominator seat with my phone number attached is this correct? I want to pay in full. I need to know where to send payment. Sorry If I have done this incorrectly..Keith
Is there a chance that you might be able to duplicate this seat?
I need it for a build that i'm doing for the 2017 OldMiniBikes build-off.
One special detail for this is that the seat sits on a plate that elevates the back part of the seat and angles it forward.
I'm not sure exactly how that is accomplished.
It almost looks like the bottom of the seat has a break in it.
Please let me know what your thoughts are.
We may even have to talk on the phone to do over the details.
I can't get photo to post to this.
I'll try adding it to your classified add.

BONANZA 065.jpg
BONANZA 068.jpg
BONANZA 066.jpg
Relatively new here and I must say that, I have just saw your work with these seats and they are all amazing !! Fantastic skills ! Hope to be a future customer. Thanks for what you do for our mini's !!!