Honda clone

So is there any update on how they hold up? "Minidragbike"?? do you have any hours on one yet? WHO has the most miles on one?

I picked two up today because it was hard to pass them up! Out of closet



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They seem to be a bit better then the standard Honda clone. The flywheel is made stronger, but the only weak part is the piston rings.

I need to buy one more also.

The best thing about some of them is that they come with a stronger factory push rod, and rockers.


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Yeah I did one up for a guy and after a month of hard riding the rings broke. He told me that it was getting slower and slower. So I went through the motor and both rings were broke.

I measure the thickness of the stock flywheels. Some of those clones crank break, and flywheels explode. But none of the champions so far.


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minidragbike, why do you think the ring maybe little weak? where you getting some blow-buy. did you replace them with honda rings or aftermarket rings and if so,did you use moly or cast rings?
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Honda rings are probably the easiest to get.

I should have picked up at least one of these engines. The local Costco here in Lancaster suddenly had them last weekend and my old man got one of the last in the batch. There might be more on shelves again, I'll have to check.

$79.99 btw!


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I replaced them with standard cast rings. I can't tell you why they broke, but they did. Maybe the motor over heated???

Either way the motor was turning a lot more then a stock motor would. (approx 6,000RPM)
well i bought two of them from harbor freight and i had to send both back... the linkage on both of them was !@#$%^ up but for $30 i am going to buy a 7HP robin subaru. has anyone worked on one of them yet. anything good to say???


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Yes the 7hp Robin really makes more power mods to mods VS the clone Honda. More TQ and HP then the 6.5hp engines. But you can do more to a clone engine to make it have more power.

If you ever get a aftermarket carb the engine normally needs a little more gas then the regular 6.5hp engines. So either make sure you get a larger main jet, or either get a needle adjustable carb.

I did one with the PZ22 carb and it needed a #90 jet to run correctly. I also done one with a blue wazoom ZAMA carb.

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The EX21 7hp Robin-Subaru is 210cc whereas the GX200 is 200cc, so the extra 10cc helps a small bit. I'd like to get one of those newer Honda overhead cam iGX440s to play with. 15hp out of the box :cowboy: