Image size test posting

Ah,...we have two thumbnails instead of two full size pix.
My question, is is possible to have two full-sized pix in the thread ?
I'm sure I've seen that here.
I'm not finding a "medium thingy button" you said to look for. cheezy1
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Here Mike...maybe this will help. Click the button under the "insert what" that says "Medium, linked to gallery. Then it will show you picture size options...don't use the "Thumbnail" or "Linked to" settings
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:no:...sorry cheezy1, at no time am I given the "Insert What" block.
I am clicking on "Manage Attachments" to upload pix.
The selections do not include the page you are showing me.
The block that comes up is called "File Upload Manager"
Once I drag pix into the block and click on "Done", the image shows big if it's only one.
BUT shows thumbnail if two or more pix.

The next 2 pics are using the little picture "insert image" button.
full (7).jpg 24.jpg

And these next 2 pics are from the "my photos" button. and selecting "medium only" from the drop down
Thank you least I have come to a point that has succeeded in getting two full-size pix posted.
The "Key" to getting to the right place was clicking on the "Camera" icon, and not the Attachments.
However, my photos are not yet in the gallery, but exist as attachments, so some more homework needed...:thumbsup: