Kick starters and Taylor "S" 100 exhaust NOS

Found some more parts for you minibikers today. I dont need them but forked out some good coin for them
1. 2 fairbanks morse kickstarts, one is 100% but the second looks to have the arm piece broke and bracket missing(didnt realize until I got home:doah:). They both appear to be new and never used even though the one arm is broken. I paid $350 for both so I will sell them for that. Add 15 bucks for shipping so $365

2. NOS taylor muffler and spark arrestor model #100 33224
Gotta ask $125 plus shipping($10)

Message me if interested :thumbsup:
Is the cup different than it is on a normal tec? I just pulled one of these kick-starters off my rupp and haven't put a new recoil housing on it yet, so I haven't looked at it. If so and mine is the right one, I might work something out with you Cheezy

EDIT: Nevermind, my kickstart was a Tecumseh