Looking for the quietest possible exhaust.

Hey guys, I'm wondering if you guys can give me some suggestions on how to make my engine as quiet as possible while maintaining performance of a Predator 212cc. If you have an audio file, or video, which can demonstrate the sound as well that would be extremely appreciated. Thanks guys!
I just tried out the generator muffler and it is A-MAZING!

The video i made makes it sound a bit louder than in person due to the kart rattling. Also need to remake the video because i had the choke on during the muffler part of the video.
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I was just as curious as the others...


..tested with and without.
I made one from an empty Coleman propane cylinder and some EMT for my trike that has an 8HP predator. It looks kind of dumb, but works great so far. It has a much quieter, thumpy tone instead of sounding like a lawn mower. I ended up having to drill out jets after putting it on, so I'm assuming it flows better than the original one. I lost the photos of when I made it when my old phone died but I can take more if anybody wants to see it.
Ditto on the generator muffler, ive thought about that too for "stealth riding" My honda generator has a GX 390 in it and unless its really wound up its quiet enough to run long term without flipping out the neighbors VERY close. Maybe a generator type would fit in a mini bike frame?