Mini bike bogs down?

My mini bike seems to work good on flat roads but when going up hill it seems to go slow and bog down or when coming to a stop it goes real slow. Sometimes when slowing down and trying to go again itll completely stop and wont go anywhere even when ai give it full throttle. I tried removing air filter but that doesnt seem to fix the problem. Idk what else it could be? I recently put in a new carb too. Maybe to small of a jet?

Bike - Mega Moto 105CC

Included recent carb I switched out.

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Nevermind. I guess this bike has shitty acceleration. Anyone know of a good engine to replace the stock one? I was thinking about the predator 212 but I think that would be to much for my 9 year old lol. I just need a good engine that can actually go up hills without slowing down or that has slow acceleration. . I remember someone showing me this engine but not sure how much better it is over my stock?



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Did it run any better with the stock carb? If your engine is 105cc it's highly
unlikely that it will do better by moving down to a 79cc engine. Put the 212
Predator on it and then adjust the throttle so it doesn't full throttle. Very easy to do and then when you want more it will be there.


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The predator is the best bang for your buck for a new engine. Yes that engine can be too much for a youngster and adults alike. A torque converter and sprockets can smooth take off and keep the front wheel on the ground.

The 3hp would more than likely not be enough for hills.
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This is a smaller framed bike, but my oldest started riding the bigger BT200X with a 6.5 at 10. It was no where near too much power for her. She dropped it a few times but that was more due to poor foot placement and the weight of the bike. She got over that pretty fast!
I got the bt200x also great bike. Im prob just gonna get a the honda 160 it should be a decent power jump from the stock motor thats on it. I just dont know what other parts Id need to switch it over? Wondring if I could use the same sprocket.
Based on the symptoms you described, it does sound like a fuel delivery issue could be causing the problem with your mini bike. When going uphill or coming to a stop, the engine requires more fuel to maintain power, and if it's not getting an adequate supply, it can result in the bike slowing down or stalling.
Since you mentioned installing a new carburetor, it's possible that the jet size could be a factor. If the jet is too small, it may not be allowing enough fuel to flow into the engine, causing the performance issues you're experiencing.
Consider checking the jet size and consulting the manufacturer's guidelines or a mechanic to ensure it is properly matched to your engine's requirements. Additionally, it's worth inspecting the fuel lines, fuel filter, and ensuring proper fuel flow to rule out any potential blockages or restrictions.