Muffler options

Hey. Wondering what everyone is using for mufflers? I have been trying different ones to find something that flows, but isn't crazy loud. We don't want to piss off the neighbors, but so far anything that is not overly restrictive is also very loud. I have even disassembled some and added packing. Thoughts? Options? Thanks
I use and RLV muffler on my Briggs 5hp and the stock on my 212 Hemi. The RLV is literally a just few baffles with a spark arrestor on the end to make it legal for WKA rules. Good flow, quieter than a straight pipe. Can't give a decibel rating on it but my friggin lawnmower is louder.


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Here's my short version for this.

If I ride where noise matters I would use the stock 224 muffler, where noise doesn't matter I use a header and mini 91 or straight through glass pack silencer. They're easy enough to swap back and forth if I want.


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I have one of those custom header pipes with the threaded-end on my 200cc clone. It accepts the ubiquitous Briggs 294599 which tones down the loudness nicely. Some people call it a sausage or hot dog muffler.

The muffler flows well, it just has a small baffle about 1" diameter in the center of the muffler body and the exhaust flows around it through a liner that is punched with holes. It's basically a spark arrestor but very cheap, possibly $5.00+/- if you shop around or buy a two pack. I've been meaning to either drill out the center baffle or drill several holes in it to experiment with the sound.
I have been using the "hot dog" muffler which is good sound wise, but according to a local motor builder it kills hp. Doesn't flow enough. I bought a few of them and drilled different size holes in the baffle plate but they get loud quick. I am going to try and add packing to one as well and see how it is. The straight through ones I have tried are loud and get the deceleration pops pretty bad.
On my Predators, I use the sausage muffler with a 1/2 inch hole drilled in the center. It's not real loud, flows a lot better than original and doesn't look too bad. I don't think I would try to get it past any "spark arrestor" tests though.