need help with my gx240 clone

just picked it up the other nite, besides the governor, what mods can i do to beef it up, i am not looking for a major gain maybe just 2.5hp. o yea, will any 390 parts fit this?? i need all info, thanks guys


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The GX390 cam, and stiffer valve springs. A header is the first thing you want, and maybe the GX390 carb. Or better a aftermarket carb.
i kinda wanna trade it for a smaller engine to fit my bike. so if anyone around here has a modded clone or nice tecumseh 6hp+ flathead let me know. if not i will see what i can do with it, but reality is starting to set in lol and i dont have the patience
what ever happened to the kart pics i have 2 large briggs flat heads 7+ hp one if for sure 7 other poss. more and a briggs 5hp
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