Please help me I.D these fork assemblies

I have three fork assemblies that I have in the garage. I no longer remember what/which minibikes they go to.
Please help me out. List by NUMBER what you think they may be?
Thank you.
Number One

Fork number 2



Fork number 5


Did you notice there IS NOT three or four? I first read this at 3 AM, and I said, "hmm, lemme guess." Okay, one, no clue, two, no clue, FIVE? Man, if there would have been a three and a four, that would have doubled my chances at guessing correctly. Shoot, you guys are way beyond me in this stuff.
Number 1 looks like an MTD/Western Flyer, some model with the weird looped handlebar (Columbia? Trail Flite?), the rust lines show where the handlebar loop was. Kinda odd that the bar had been mounted on bare steel. Also, you can see the "D PRODUCTS INC" that remains on the sticker.
Number 2 looks like a dirt bike (motorcycle) fork, it's quite small, maybe from a kid-size 50 cc dirt bike. It's rather robust, doesn't look like cheap Chinese junk. If it's from a major manufacturer, it may have a brand name on the bottom of one or both triple clamps.