Short PTO end on 130202

I recently picked up a 1974 5hp Briggs 130202 off an old tiller. Tank was pristine with no varnishing or dirt so things were looking good. The sheave on the PTO end was seized so I ended up cutting it right through the key way and wedging it off only to discover the shaft to be about one inch shorter than needed to accept a max torque clutch. I’ve been searching the internet for a replacement crankshaft with a 2-1/4” PTO. My question, is the journal size the same for both a plain bearing and a ball bearing application. Also is there a part number that has been superseded for a crankshaft with a 2-1/4” PTO shaft? A65E0E88-B05E-4195-A772-EFEB9DD93720.jpeg
Ok. Where the bearing rides for the pto aide of crank some are longer than others. Also you must watch used cranks because builders polish this end to make the ball bearings slip fit.
why can’t you reuse your original crank? Chaim drive to jack shaft and put clutch on the jack shaft? Is there enough room?