Skat Kitty Mini Bike

This is a once restored to very original specifications Skat Kitty mini bike. These bikes were made in a factory in Dayton, Ohio and had a one piece cast aluminum frame. They were designed to be placed in your airplane, yacht or car then be used as transportation once arriving to your destination. The bike has a 2.5HP Tecumseh engine and is light enough to pick up, Shriners used them in parades. Some of the bikes had a lighting kit, unfortunately this one does not, but it starts, runs and stops very well. I have tuned the carb for leaded race gas and only run that in the bike to keep it from being ruined by the ethanol in regular gas. I also have a short video of the bike running on youtube, for some reason I can not post a link, if you search Skat Kitty and it is posted under my name, Matthew Quinn

I am asking $1500obo, would like to see someone have fun with the bike. Unfortunately, I only ride it about once per year and it sits most of the time, video was taken this morning. The bike is in Austin, Texas.

skat1.jpeg skat2.jpeg skat3.jpeg skat5.jpeg skat8.jpeg OG Skat Kitty Advert.jpeg