Tecumseh Flathead Service Manual

Here's a link to the complete Tecumseh L-Head (Flathead) Service Manual. By setting the page size to 100% it's just like reading the book....maybe even better because you can use the search box at the top of the page to put in key words.


If you still want a paper copy to get your greasy fingerprints on just hit the print button....you can print out individual pages or all 124!! ....:thumbsup:
this link was very helpful especially the crank size chart to figure what i have by dimensions since the housing with model numbers were gone when i got it


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I have a h50 and purchased a cheap replacement carb. This was a life saver as I installed the new carb and needed to know the procedure for adjusting the new carb. Engine purrrrrs like a kitten now! Thank you...


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Plug it into a hot extension cord and push the button. They are convenience starters for equipment like a snowblower.
Yep,I needed mine one year. Forgot to drain gas in the spring,it went bad even with stabilizer. Drained all I could without dropping the bowl. Pulled my arm off before giving up and plugging in electric start. Once it cranked fast enough to purge the old stuff it fired up. Lifesaver for a sometimes forgetful and too busy a guy
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BTW,I've since been using ethonal free gas in the toys and yard equipment. Its available @ Murphys in Michigan. I Have a full tank in a car stored for 7 months now. Started right up and runs great