Tecumseh HS40 crank shaft wanted


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You would think someone would have the cover.
Ok, question, is the cover HS40 specific or interchangeable with another size engine like HS50?
Thank you guys,
did you try to order one? Seems like everyone lists them available. If your offered a used one, watch for damage. Nobody seems to know what a service manual is or how to read it so the get clobbered when removed, just like crankshaft snouts and Flywheels. I bought an engine this year that was supposed to have been "hot Rodded" with a bored out cylinder etc.... tore it down to of course first find broken lugs for the screws that hold the bearing in place, pry marks around the mating surfaces and the "pièce de résistance" was the cam journal lug was cracked :oops: No "hot rod" parts found. Thankfully they could not get the engine to actually run after the build so I was able to salvage some other parts out of the deal.

and yes, they used the same sidecover when it was ball bearing supported H25-HS50, It was actually based off the oil pump design that originally came from Lauson when Tecumseh bought them. I dont think that the new replacemnt ones come with the front oil fill plugged or to get that option though, I fill them in If I don't have one already onhand for slanted application engine, so it does not leak and looks correct.
part of the problem is you can take a regular bushing crank and easily turn it on a lathe to become a ball bearing crank. but the side cover, that you can't convert or make. so it will always be harder to find a ball bearing side cover, because for all practical purposes, there is a huge potential amount of ball bearing cranks. but again, i still don't understand the need for ball bearing cranks. i mean at this point (we're all 40 years old and older), do we really need a ball bearing crank? we're not 10 year olds spending the entire day trying to throw a rod on our favorite mini bike! ha!
I'm just trying to work around the crank length issue. I need the longer crank for the 2 speed clutch on the Fox mini. This project has been on hold for far too long.