Terra Trailtopper Restoration Complete!


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Completed the restoration of my Terra Trailtopper… I had one of these when I was 9 and am thrilled with how it turned out.

The most difficult parts of the restoration were the seat (which has a distinctive heat seal pattern) and the unique hand controls (throttle and brake).

These bikes were assembled in Crawfordsville, IN and every kid in West Central Indiana had one. Today they are very rare and I am pleased to add this one to my Terra collection!


I'd like to see one of those come up for sale around here, but I've not ever seen one down south.

Which seems odd, as my Sensation Mike Bike I had as a kid, was made in Ralston Nebraska but sold by retailers down south.

We've got a manufacturers page, but I don't know if we detail areas of distribution. Seems most of them were distributed regionally.


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Terra was mostly a midwest (Indiana really…) brand. They did sell a version in Canada of all places.

It has taken me years to collect an example of each of the Terra’s models - except the Hodaka powered model. I am still looking for one of those!

Attached are photos of a Terra Hilltopper restoration I am also working on…


Wow, that's nice too !

Look at all that chrome !

It sort of reminds me of a Speedway.

Was the Hodaka powered version, a similar frame to your Hilltopper ?