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  • Wait:

    I am not oldracer on "" I'm motocycle

    I had the forums mixed up. That's why people looked at me funny when I said oldracer. I use that on other forums.

    motocycle / John
    Back Home Now, I have to Dog Sit on Sunday; 2 days at Winber is all I could get away. The pic is Wink & Daisy Mae

    Was nice meeting you folks at Winber.

    If you get to DelGrosso Park, let me know what you think. I'm not familiar with campgrounds, sorry.

    Hope You have a safe trip home.

    oldracer /John[IMG][/url][/IMG]
    Thanks for the help with the picks. I wasn't sure if my three-wheelers would be ok on here, then I found some picks soooo. Any way, Thanks!
    Hey Robert,

    The bike in front of the Lincoln is my 68/69 Rupp Sprint/Digger. Not sure exactly because it was the same frame for both bikes, both years only differences were color and engine, neither of which was original on my bike when I got it.

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