The Landfill 69/70 El Tigre

Not much photo progress to show. I’ve been meticulously going over the frame, doing my best to polish out and save the original finish. In spots where that is not possible I’m chemically treating the rust and then touching the chrome up. As an example the bolt hole in the left has been rust converted. The one on the right looked exactly the same, but I carefully touched it up. Happy with the results so far View attachment 255572
Looking good. This bike needed the right owner to bring it back
Well, my build stalled as I decided to sell my old sandblasting cabinet and buy a new one. I thought I’d try one from harbor freight, oh boy... they are absolutely miserable to assemble, must be 1000 fasteners. I had read the reviews about them leaking, which is partly why I wanted a new one to begin with, so during assembly and after, I got some tubes of roofing tar and sealed the seams. When I went to use it, i couldn’t hardly get it to draw sand. Off to youtube where I found this is a common problem and how to make a double barrel siphon tube, finally problem solved, 28FD945D-5052-43D0-BFC6-798174C69750.jpeg 17D2B516-B47C-4BDC-AD18-488DD5162786.jpeg 3797F228-B6B3-4C9B-8FB4-65AD01DD3B5F.jpeg 0E837D49-3249-46AF-81AA-22BFC9A353A7.jpeg D8A8142B-354E-407C-A5FC-21BFF28CA072.jpeg 4B0E7D7A-4B1B-4CE7-ADE4-A91CD7C8A537.jpeg and it works well without blowing sand all over the shop.

so I am finally at it again, and made a little progress. I tested the cabinet by cleaning up one of the shocks and then I started roughing out the pieces to build a new scrub brake. Luckily, I’ve still got one off my roper to model it after...
Today I started a project I’ve been wanting to try for a long time. The hs40 I want to use doesn’t have a drilled crank, so I built a little fixture so that I can mount the motor to my little mill, I still have a few details to hash out, but otherwise I’m going to try to drill/ tap this sucker in the next few days...wish me luck

70F904F2-81C3-4053-A925-5F1B3B7FF37B.jpeg DE85549A-55EF-4CE6-9C0C-7CAC13766C03.jpeg 5A84B52D-D45B-4FF3-9BBD-EBA8F3AE78DE.jpeg BA897CF0-8FED-42B5-AA12-B439276ACAAB.jpeg E15F9145-4F68-402D-AA72-9CCDBDB18E78.jpeg


Hope I’m not boring you guys with my little updates, just picking at it a little at a time. Tonight I got one of the shocks finished, I’m pretty happy with the results, they were pretty crusty
A898D825-40A8-4DDF-A16D-FF2AAF8540B9.jpeg DB7A7905-6616-4CAA-9BDB-3FC74F12CD09.jpeg 64F787E2-C0AF-4994-9CFC-44665A60A5E1.jpeg
I was also able to make a replacement liner for the other shock, since the shock must have been a little close to the exhaust at on point
EDDBD681-21E2-40EB-A590-5A1A12CAC0BA.jpeg DFA371C0-9260-4DE8-A27C-01B2AC542879.jpeg 49916537-CC5E-4F95-85D4-02EA66D643B8.jpeg
Last, I cut off the front fork plate to straighten it up since it was all bent. Surely I could have made a whole new one in the time it took me to beat this one straight, but what fun would that be? I like playing with my body hammers...


Got my gasket kit for the motor, so I cleaned it up and regasketed it. Cylinder still looked like new, very little carbon build up. Probably the closest to NOS that I will get. Paint and everything cleaned up well considering it was sitting outside on a tiller when I went to get it. Still need to rebuild the carb and I’ve got a plan for building an exhaust. I put it in the frame for a quick test fit, and I’m a little concerned about how it sits on the frame,l. The ads state that it came with an hs40, but at the back most position it seems like I won’t be able to get my foot on the peg? Am I missing something here? Or maybe it’s not as awkward as it looks once it’s on the ground?

1B80E450-77FB-43A3-AD58-0DF435D4F509.jpeg 97C2D9DF-F1FB-4CD2-91B1-45AFC368EB95.jpeg 836A076C-222A-4573-AE75-4D1211A421B4.jpeg D5FDB6FE-A2B4-44B6-A843-89A5B0556DA3.jpeg 47B71FCE-0E6F-44DB-841B-733BEF2E6622.jpeg 24803820-00CA-42B9-921D-F0BF38A82EF9.jpeg D5A2DEC2-F24F-4693-A1E7-A1B5914D2286.jpeg


Well, after all I’ve done to get this motor ready, it looks like the shroud may indeed be wider on the later hs40. That extra hangout is going to bug me, so I’m probably gonna shelve it for another project. Stay tuned for plan B
Build has gone a little sideways... I didn’t like the way the original Tec stuck out, so I went through all my motors. Plan a,b,c, and d failed to be any better So I have decided to attempt something new for me, 2 stroke power. I was planning on trying this for my vintage race kart, since vintage 2 strokes have become cost prohibitive. At the rate I’m going on this project, I may have bitten off more than I can finish by the end of the contest, but I’m gonna try
The donor: Lawnboy Duraforce 6.5hp
9B761B88-4FD0-4345-B89C-7D287992310E.jpeg A434986A-00FB-4C97-B1C9-B5CA6C56B3C8.jpeg
I like the way I can position in the frame, amazing how small and light these engines are once all the extra garbage is removed
This is going to require a special engine mount, so I spent a few hours tonight taking measurements, making patterns, and roughing it out so in the end I’ll have a 2 axis adjustable mount.
B43C4460-5F71-4439-A48A-378809D50B6A.jpeg CCDA7F3E-8A9D-4F75-933F-50B8E08A84F2.jpeg 28F96422-4959-4A48-8C3A-4D04B7587C41.jpeg DA5B4F2A-D0DE-4041-8F70-3F5FCD142E56.jpeg 9063C873-8762-43CF-9AB9-D43C8F6B6DFE.jpeg
Nothing like cutting shapes out of 1/4 plate steel freehand with a cutoff wheel to put you in the market for a plasma cutter lol