Vintage Class Entries

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There were 24 entered projects in the “Vintage” class this year.

Click on the OldMiniBikes logo to take you to the entry thread. These are in no particular order, just the order I pulled them from the main thread.

AJaxMini's - Model 700 Lil Indian -DROPPED

Rupp_It_Up's - Mansfield Enduro R/S -NOT FINISHED

Chipper's - MTD SS300 -FINISHED

digger's - Ruttman -DROPPED

t555trailblazer's - Bonanza powered by Chrysler……… Power bee 700 -FINISHED

mountainmini's - Manco Trail Cat - NOT FINISHED

mrpat's - Bonanza BC1400 -FINISHED

canuk's - Lil Geronimo -FINISHED

bryce05's - lighted suspension Trail Horse -FINISHED

j57little's - Roper Rebuild -FINISHED


Dr. Shop Teacher's - "Lil" Indian Model 600 -FINISHED

Rupp 72's - Rupp SS-5 -DROPPED

PSG's - Bonanza -FINISHED

Minibikin's - Loco Taco Supreme -NOT FINISHED

Sport King Eric's - 1970 Sport King -FINISHED

smudvapor's - 1971 Coleman Sport Bike -NOT FINISHED

judgeyoung's - 1961 Gator Gadabout -DROPPED

Danford1's - 72 Rupp Scrambler -FINISHED

Danford1's - 75 Rupp Roadster2 -FINISHED

Cheezy1's - 1963 Simplex -DROPPED

cattailhaas' - 69 Cat 400X -FINISHED

Rupp_It_Up's - 72 Speedway Green Horn -NOT FINISHED

mountainmini's - Bonanza 1100 -NOT FINISHED
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