wanting to build a bar stool/beer crate racer type go kart, help needed..

Hi guys, recently been thinking about building something up over winter, got an old 125 pit bike engine which id like to make use off, wanting this to be a bit of a budget build sourcing second hand parts if possible.. I can make most parts only thing that's stumping me a bit is the rear axle...

The axle only needs to be around 5-600mm in length and thinking of using 25mm but can't really find any this length anywhere, so was thinking of just buying a solid bar of mild steel, I've seen people use it on other projects but I don't know how well it will hold up?

Also if I did buy just a solid bar does it need a woodruff key groove for the hubs/sprocket etc? I'm not familiar with go kart rear axles and am not sure what the easiest and different attachment methods for everything is so any help appreciated on that one

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Just get a go cart axle and cut it to your length. As for the mounting you can look at most any axle kit on websites and get an idea if you are mechanically inclined. Most of it is keyed collars with set screws.
Just get a go cart axle and cut it to your length.
Thanks, this is what i was wondering but do axles have the woodruff key cut the whole length? the ones i've seen are only cut where its needed but if i chop the axle to length then the keys wont be inline where i need them? sorry for nooby questions..