What kind of Bike is this? Gonna buy it tonight any help????

These are so hard to come by where I live that the shape doesn’t even matter I’m gonna restore it a bit (paint and seat) these are going for about 7 with the seat but I want to know if the frame is indeed a good frame


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Looks like a gts type of frame made in California. Not worth what they are asking imo. Besides the bent forks, It doesn't look right where the triple tree meets the bars.

Where in Cali are you from? If you're a small person about 120 lbs and down they are ok. It looks like one of their older frames though.
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Hi Manchester my name is David. I live in fresno California and I am the current owner of a ct200uex and I love that bike and absolutely rips in my local river. but I am looking more into street style bikes with some mods here and there on the side. Been looking but for a nice frame bike with a 212 and mods they all range from 850 and up. Any help would be awesome as to where I should look


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Here in California those GTS frames are the most popular mini bikes. Youngsters will trade their vintage mini bike for those bikes. Inflation is the name of the game.

If you think it's worth what they are asking then pay up. I would keep looking for a better deal if those are the style of bikes you like.

One person's trash is another's treasure.


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Thanks a lot everyone for your info! Helped so much thanks again! Are the forks come bent stock on these? Thnx!!
Those forks are bent after someone crashed into something hard to bend them like that. Those are nicknamed hi speed forks. Lol.. also that bike for $550 has just a tiny scrub brake that rubs on the tire to stop. Great for little kids but terrible for adults.. I would pass for sure!
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Well that pretty much sums it up. Thanks guys for steering me away on that one. I will look around even more. I don’t really care about cost either just want something sick