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All I need to complete the Gote is the right length handgrips. Anybody have a good source for these? I bought vintage style grips that said they fit Gotes, but they are like 5/8” too short
Hey new to the site I have a few Scat Cats and always looking for parts I am need of a gas tam with forward right hand fill if any body knows of one please let me know
I would buy your diaphragm carbs an 90 degree air cleaner adapters if you wanted to sell them. Thanks, Owen
For the orange tank. What where is the outlet compared to the gas cap filler?
Are there dents in the tank, rust etc>
Not at home, check back later in week with a private massage...thanks
Can’t they lay down the bike and strap to a pallet and ship. After oil is drained. Some guys ship bikes that way. Not sure of cost.
If you need another HS 50 give me a call. Owen 315-439-8085