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  • Rawtone, any chance you can make a Frijole roller? Youre my last hope- lol. Thanks, Bill
    Y'know,I can't remember the last time I sent you a message. Thought you retired,and moved to Mississippi. Your friend in Colorado,joelwey(hope you and the misses are doing better than ever.........;).
    Are you still making seats I need one for a taco frijoli pleated in black if you still do please tell me total price an info on buying one thanks
    Rawtone, I saw on another post you can make Taco swingarms. I have a 67 44 that the swingarms either need repair or replacing. Thanks, Tom
    I see some seat you are making on this site.
    Are you making seats for Flexo Minibikes?
    I need one. Do you have any other Flexo parts?
    John in VA
    My direct email is best.
    kent? what happened to the lot by calgrove? i rent a yard in north hills and i pay 1000 a month. any hope of a piece of land from the burro guy? id love to relocate my construction yard there if its available, along with a minibike track right off the frwy.
    Richard B. Chutuk and Sons, Inc. License # 215656 (818)360-2707
    Hi there . Are the 10 inch fox wheels for sale? Thanks for your time ..
    hey kent what up buddy ! of course i am, and a couple of my bikes are too. see ya there, i hope.
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