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  • Do you please sent to my email : mmeyer124@gmail, the electrical wiring diagram for my suzuki mt50, year 2013.
    Thank You.

    I just joined the forum and was looking for wiring info. I found your post but the battery area of the diagram is sort of blurred out so i can not read it. Anyway, what would help more would be a picture of the wiring at the battery. I bought a new battery and was going to cut the plug off the old one but it got thrown out so i now need to make a little harness. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Hello 1stlegendtx!

    Hope you could help. I have a '72 MT50 that I just can't get runnin. This was my childhood bike that holds a high sentimental value to me. Trying to get it runnin again so my kids can ride it. Haven't had luck finding a service manual either. FYI, I live in the Metro-Detroit area. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
    I am Tom Geer "wideoak" Fran Moore has finished my 3 700 3 ports W/9/16th shafts. I would like have a Kart of my own very special to give my Great grandson when My time comes to give my Great grandson looking for a PUTT-NIK Leo & want 2 700V-5's Frank says (Frank Moore) talk to him BAB's a good guy must be some confussion here somewhere. He has always been honest with me If he says 350.00 for that engine he probably means it Tom he is also 1st legendtx I think please contact me sir GTGEER@AOL.COM or call (collect 703/221-2232) Thnak you Hope this is the I'm supposed to do it ?????????????
    Hey Dude , Your Cat 250 is BAD a-- .I'll keep the seat a secret. Still looks org' . Go look at my yellow mini that Jonny Boy posted and you will see. That's also my Foremost Mini Bike in the back ground.
    I saw and heard that you were doin a background check on me on the Taco Minibike website.....
    Im Kent Carlson and can I answer any questions?
    Can you please send the complete JC Pennys Rupp Swinger page (if you have it) to my email pdlsa10@aol.com. Thank you, Paul
    hello im new i wondered if you would know how to adj gov on tac 5hp ty
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