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  • Hey there. This is in response to your question about the carb on Biggy smalls. The carb is a 22mm Mikuni. I got it through agk (affordablegokarts.com). The carb is bolted onto an intake manifold also supplied from the same place. The carb works very well. I didn't care for the stock gx200 carb so I changed it. They are really easy to connect the throttle to and super easy to tune. Its a bit on the pricey side but is sure looks cool.
    I do not have any 6.5hp engine kits for sale but..........

    I can provide you all the components for the conversion you supply the 6.5hp engine

    Component list:
    aluminum adapter plate and hardware $40
    clutch gaurd and hardware $25
    max-torque clutch $35
    throttle parts $10
    installation instruction CD $free$
    misc parts

    Let me know if I can help you out
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