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  • Hi I seek a padded seat cover for my Dunecycle. Rider not garage queen so a non logo reproduction is fine. Email Thanks.
    how much for the trisport decals, such as the one with you holding the sticker with a blue glove or Mr Justice, here is my email thanks Mike,
    HEY SORRY SCOTT! I didnt realize it was you...wasnt paying attention i guess...just sent you an email about my dunecycle build and a few questions...later, Deckman
    i am contactingyou at the suggestion of grumpit...i am restoring a dunecycle and looking for others...specifically the mohave 500 type...had one as a kid and would like to get my hands on one again...grumpit said you have much knowledge and possibly rights to the name...i would really enjoy speaking with you at your convenience...thanks daniel r mcdougal deckman llc 425-772-1942 seattle area
    Does anyone have Dunecycle stickers for the side of the seat or have any idea how to duplicate. (Mine does not have the stickers still on it to copy)
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