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  • real easy to find axles, go to a bearing house, it is standard 1inch or 3/4 inch keyed shaft. or go online put go cart parts, then take the axle and cut it down, with a saw zall
    My yellow K&S Hornet and the blue Bird Duck. Riding the Hornet, showing the Duck, although its not restored, just slaped together with a clone engine.
    Theres a member in Farmers branch, not sure about Carrollton. 6:00, way to early for me, I'll probably leave about 9, still trying to figure out what time the mini bike race is.If you see a primered 65 chevy truck broken down on the side of the road stop and pick up my mini's for me.Just bought the truck as a project, never had it on the road and not sure about the engine.
    I'm leaving around 6:00 and taking my LIL INDIAN, and my little Manco. I will probably leave around 2 or 3.
    Still going, not sure what time I'm leaving or how long I'm staying. What time are you going , what are you taking?
    I have an old K&S Hornet hard-tail that I am putting together... i was curious if you still got the stickers or have a print you can share. I understand this was a while back but its worth the shot
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