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    Need Help Arco bushwhacker build tire size

    Do you know if the 3.50 is how tall the side wall is or is it how wide the tire is?
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    Need Help Arco bushwhacker build tire size

    My new tires just came today and to my disappointment once on the rim and on the frame the tires are to big:( does anyone know the correct tire size for an arco bushwacker? I bought 3.50 x10
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    Arco /Alexander Reynolds fuel tank

    Thanks guys. I found it be on FB for $25 plastic:)
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    Looking for arco tank decals

    I’m looking for the tank decals for the Seco ezrider. Thank Bryce.
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    Looking for manco 308 atc fuel tank

    I’m looking for the fuel tank and front fender for a manco 308 atc. This is what it looks like. Thanks Bryce
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    Arco /Alexander Reynolds fuel tank

    Hey y’all it’s been awhile but I’m looking for a fuel tank for a arco. Thanks. Bryce
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    New black pleated seat 16”x8”

    New pleated black seat 16”x8” $65 shipped
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    2 mtd seats

    The white one is off the mid 70’s ugly duck Black one is for early 70’s frame. Pic is from interned ,blue bike I have
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    V-plex covnvert

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    2 mtd seats

    I have two seats that I had Karen redo this past summer. The white and black was reconditioned no rips and still has vintage look.$65 Black one has stock foam and seat plate but new cover. $100
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    Fairbanks Morse torque converter

    Just thinning out some parts. Fairbanks Morse tc worked great last time I had it on a bike. $$75 shipped
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    V-plex covnvert

    I have a v-plex converter setup for sale with brand new driver. $75 shipped
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    Small block tecumseh exhaust

    Small block exhaust $40 shipped
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    BB tecumseh exhaust

    SOLD Big block tecumseh exhaust. $45 shipped
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    TAV installation question

    Does it matter which way the driven is mounted? I’ve seen it both ways. These pics are from the same add and it’s mounted both ways. Thanks.