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  • Barn find 1960 blazer tote gote lookalike has 50 years of dust on it.
    We're do I go for any info or maybe a belt. It is a 2speed with neutral bike. Any help would be appreciated. Found the registration in the pocket of the tilt up seat from 1963 and a license plate from 1963 under a license plate from 1964. Thanks
    Thee 340cc Polaris has been taken out of the Bearcat Twister. The engine could not even be throttled to half way.
    The engine was way too wide. The clutch was just a inch from my left toe. The right footpeg was offset.
    The suspension could not take it. It bottomed out all the time.
    The whole set up was bad. It would have been better to go with a 10hp B&S.
    It will be getting a new B&S when it get back from the sand blasters.
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