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  • Hey Buddy , what color is your bike ? I'm sure we could work something out , I'm thinking $40 plus shipping which is probably $25 , let me know , thanks Angelo
    I don't know anything about those old Doodle bugs except they look more like a scooter with bicycle handle bars. lol. . You can search the photo section for some pictures. I'm not really sure who to refer you to either.
    Not sure how this message works, but my daughter says Pay Pal it's just tied to your checking/saving account. if you can get to your account on line,you just set it up there.
    If I took a pic of the frame would you be able to tell me if the OldMiniBikes seat would work on the frame??
    The seat at OldMiniBikes works for the older style doodlebugs. Not the new doodlebugs with that weird shaped seat.
    Yes I do make seats. The seat that OldMiniBikes sells for 46.00 is very nice. It is a 19" seat and looks almost like the doodle bug seat. I can't even come close to that price. Most of my seats are in the 85.00 range unless it is a real small seat. Thank you
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