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  • Sure can, but I have grand kids and can't run clear across town, I could meet at 12:00 at Casey's at 380 33rd Ave SW today. If that works for you. Let me know. I'll text you also.
    There is a Casey's at 380 33rd Ave just off of 380 as you coming into town on the south side. I work till 12:00 and maybe a little after that. So call me at 319-213-3158 when you are just outside of Cedar Rapids and I can meet you there.
    I was wondering what your address was so I could pick up the sprocket and gas tank? I will be going your way tomorrow around noon or an hour later or so. Please let me know so I can type it in my garmin so I can get the things and pay you in person. Thanks and happy new year.

    I will be going back to Dubuque on the day of January 4th. I normally go north of lake city a ways and jump onto highway 20 which shoots me in a straight line from where I turn on all the way into Dubuque.

    Would you be able to go to that same Marion Walmart again or do you want me to come to your place to pick up the sprocket and tank on January 4th?
    So the total for the gas tank and the sprocket would be? I am having trouble trying to find what you were asking for the tank.
    I am home for the holidays for now in Audubon IA. Will be back but will try to get the tank after the holidays. Hope this helps. Yes I do still want the tank. Also thanks for helping me out!
    How does PayPal work? Does it connect to a checking account or do you have to create a totally separate account to put money into the site so I can buy things? Thought I would ask.
    Thank you for the kind words.
    Going to be picking up a couple of Cats this weekend, not sure what I'm doing with them yet.
    I tried a few more times to post my Thank You on the deal you me on the Fox frame.
    So instead I decided to do it here.
    Fantastic Person to deal with.
    Very reasonable fates.
    I would recommend him whole heartedly.
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