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    1969 Lil Indian outlaw chopper

    So I have a 1969 Lil Indian outlaw chopper. Don't know much about these other than heard they are rare.A nyone with knowledge on this bike able to pm me or call or text I have a couple questions about it thank you 607-382-4375 Dan
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    original lil Indian outlaw frame

    I have a 69 lil Indian outlaw frame was going to restore but don't really have time. Trying to see if anyone with more knowledge on this bike has idea what it's worth around I know it's rare but not looking to make a fortune just don't wanna ask to much or too little thanks And I have...
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    Hi Wayne Dan that talked to you on phone last night

    Hi Wayne Dan that talked to you on phone last night
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    what is this?

    Hey everyone what is this I bought it running and riding but believe it was tweaked to the picture of it complete help?
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    is this a lil Indian chopper?

    :confused:Hey guys I'm New on here I bought this bike is it a lil Indian and is it rare I'm looking for pictures and parts to restore it