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    Nazi Commies

    What are you talking about ????
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    Nazi Commies

    I agree with the one and only Chipper . Most moderators are power hungry. that guy from Michigan you really gotta watch .
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    1969 Powell E model for sale

    Here is probably the finest restoration ever on a Powell. Was restored by member Scottesy and it’s perfect. has also been signed by the Powell brothers. Price 2,500 plus shipping. Bike is in Wilmington North Carolina .
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    Bump bump
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    Arco Alexander Reynolds minibike

    It is against the rules but I’ll help out . Chipper is correct on the trail master version. But I’ve heard they are worth 1,200 plus dollars.
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    Damn Brian that almost looks like one of my designs . Looks like you’ve done a great job on the build . maybe some day I can reach your level of expertise .
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    Wanted Powell Driven

    I have one from my E model , hit me up on Facebook
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    Cat HPE Muskin Fork Bolt Spring

    Will you trade it for a DB Axle
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    Cat 3509 (Muskin Wildcat)

    Well I would have maybe wanted CAT parts but now I know who built it . So it’s probably just junk shit .
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    OldMiniBikes Build Off 2020

    Damn you mean the voting is over. I only got to vote for chipper . I think this is bullshit I need more time vote for someone. this place is getting hard to deal with . Is there a complaint section ?
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    OldMiniBikes Build Off 2020

    Well that’s not a very chipper Attitude Karen .
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    OldMiniBikes Build Off 2020

    So why what is the No category for ????
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    OldMiniBikes Build Off 2020

    I don’t understand this voting either. What the hell does No mean for a vote ? This has got to be the dumbest way of voting I’ve ever seen. It just doesn’t make sense, if it does it needs to be explained to everyone. Seems I’am not the only one confused. I no in the international class I guess I...
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    New flat track bike

    Made the frame a couple years ago took her racing and didn’t do final shinny on it . now she’s done .