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  • Just left you a message--am in need of a Herters gas cap--would you happen to have one you can part with--thanks Bill(boatguy)
    Hi--Got your name from Rick Chatten. I am looking for a Herters Gas Cap--do you happen to have one? Thanks Bill.
    Your PM box is full and runneth over.LOL
    I tried to reply to our last PM and it told me NO.LOL
    Hello again "Fat Boy", I've tried sending you my contact information a couple of times, but the messages aren't showing up in my sent messages:shrug:? I think it's your inbox message quota has been exceeded... My info is as follows and I really hope we can work this out:smile: All the Best!
    Edward Owens
    3004 South Chase
    Williamsburg, Virginia 23185
    email - edward.owens@noaa.gov
    mobile - 757-319-5760
    I opened up the mailbox today expediting two fuel fittings for another bike that I got off evilbay but when I read where it came from it surprised me. It's kinda funny too because I had bitten the bullet and ordered a new tube and a new spoke from blackwidomotorsports and those came in last night. But now instead of just replacing a nipple I can replace a spoke that one of my classmates bent :hammer: he hit the peddle on the tire machine before I was ready and the arm got caught.

    anyway I really appreciate all the help you've given me for this bike, The kindness of the members who have donated parts and knowledge only makes the bike that much more special to me. The project has come a long way and still has miles to go, hell I don't think I'll ever be "done" with it.

    Once again thank you so much for everything, if you need me to send you anything for the two spokes I can and will in a heartbeat.

    Take care,
    Just stumbled across this forum today and noticed you had posted a question about the Mini Mule awhile back. Did you get your questions answered? I had one when I was a kid. As you know they were manufactured in Ames by Donelson Inc. Donelson Inc also manufactured bicycles and ATVs. Their six wheeled ATV product was called the Swamp Fox and I believe that part of the business was later sold off. The company was originally based in Marshalltown before moving to Ames. The Mini Mule was a well built minibike. I believe it came with a 5 hp or 3.5 hp motor. Featured a torque converter. Also offered the options of a ski that fit over the front wheel for winter use and a track for the back wheel. Great bike!
    On the dual speed clutch's (the ones off of bmikarts.com) at what RPM's do the two clutch's kick in.
    Do you still have that red go-kart I saw a picture of in one of your posts? Looks exactly like a Funder Wheels go-kart I own from way back when I was a kid and am trying to rehab for my kids. I need a new body on it (the plastic cosmetic part, not the actual frame) and some other random parts. Just wondering if you've ever been able to find a place to get parts.


    fatboy do you still have the rts-8 trisport very interested if you do & could you please give me a call at218-779-7031 thanks darren in minnesota!
    do you still have the rts-8 very interested in it thanks darren 218-779-7031 call me please if you do!
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