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  • Glad you came back to the forum:thumbsup:

    This is one of the first bikes I saw when starting into minis

    Hey Paul, be glad you stocked up on blue clones. As soon as I get back into the hobby, they're all gone. I guess I'll have to research the predator now since that's all they carry in Lakeland. Take it easy man!
    thanks for info ratbike an see do have driven clutch there. Do know if theres many them 3 wheeler left that still running i bought that one for 150.00 an was in barn stored for many years
    hi i'm new this site , i got 70's manco 3wheeler , it has 20 series tav clutch an 3 hp briggs on it. having trouble finding a driven clutch this machine being comet went out buisness an also living in nova scotia canada don't help cause most parts find they won't ship canada, any ideas let me know pls ty
    i see you are doing a 3 wheeler to 2 wheeler conversion like mine, it looks good if you need i have a couple seats for the atc 200. or kenny made mine. where do you live?
    hi I am having trouble posting a question maby you can help how do I post it? I thought I did the ather day It's about the cable stop for a band brake I see something at the hardware store Just squeeze it with pliers? thanks from elgin IL.
    im from madrid and i have an old packmule just wanted some info and a value was thinking about selling it
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