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    Manco Trail Cat frame $150.

    I have for sale a very nice Manco Trail Cat frame that is complete except for fenders. Fresh paint and wheel bearings. Cannot ship. Located near Fort Wayne, Indiana.
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    What is it?

    I picked this up the other day and was wondering what it is? Has a 2.5hp Briggs that doesn't belong on it. Any thoughts?
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    Freak-Bikes, Homemades, Customs, Frankenbikes & Oddballs

    I picked this up the other day and was wondering what it is? Has a 2.5hp Briggs that doesn't belong on it. Any thoughts?
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    Cushman Minibikes?

    The first Cushman motorscooter was manufactured in Lincoln, NE in 1939 and continued through 1965. The last of the Cushmans were sold as a 1966, but were built in 1965. The introduction of the Honda motorcycles from Japan put Cushman out of the scooter business.
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    axle locked

    lI got a Peerless 100 diff from Northern Tool for around $120 + freight. Works like a champ. You have to use a Peerless sprocket, though. Northern Tool's sprocket that they have in their catalog will not fit. You can get the proper sprocket direct from Peerless.
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    My drag racing lawn mower.
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    My drag racing lawn mower.
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    The Mighty Midget

    Thanks. Now it's on to the next project....a drag racing lawn tractor! Got the basic frame sorta started.
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    The WHIZZ is back!

    I cut and narrowed the front fork 3 inches on the Whiz. Looks lots better and handles the same as before.
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    The Mighty Midget

    A few pictures during construction.
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    The Mighty Midget

    Most cyclekart guys are using 17 inch Honda motorcycle wheels, but they are getting harder to find....and more expensive. I was a bit concerned about the durability of a wire wheel when you pitch it sideways in a corner, so I chose regular disc wheels instead...also for the look I was after.
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    The Mighty Midget

    The rear wheels are 12 inch trailer tires/wheels from my local Rural King farm store. The fronts are 10 inch Azusa wheels/tires.
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    The Mighty Midget

    The body and floor are made from plywood. The hood is sheet aluminum and the tail section is fiberglass. The frame is 1 x 3 inch rectangular steel tubing and the front axle is 1-1/2 inch diameter steel tubing.
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    The Mighty Midget

    Thanks for all the compliments. As a side note, I am going to build another one, but my garage is way too crowded for this one is for sale. If anyone is interested, contact me for additional information at 260-402-0191.