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  • Ok thanks. my spring got turned around. I have noticed in your pictures that your front shocks appear to be locked. Unless yours is a model with out front shocks. Mine looked like yours til i accidently discovered them by wacking the wheel bolt with a hard hammer. And boom it pushed the wheel down about 2 inches and now i have front suspension. Although it does lock sometimes and i have to hammer it again.
    so the ones from bmi karts will work? okay. thanks. Yeah i dont have to original engine so i will have to measure my 3.5 briggs. Do you know anything about these bikes. i got mine really cheap on craigslist and then broke it:( what is there resale value?
    I can tell you that I have a K&S Hornet that originally had a V-Plex Torque Converter on it from the factory. Through research I found out that the Comet #20 Series converters were compatable with the V-Plex set up. I bought a #20 Series "drive" and a belt and it worked with the V-Plex "driven" After testing the bike I found that the "driven" V-Plex was worn out so I replaced it also with a #20 series "driven" It works great. These bikes came with 5/8 jackshafts so the "drive" portion of the converter is 3/4 and the "driven" is 5/8. Hope this helps.
    okay thanks alot! i was not sure what type of converter i needed and was lost. thanks for the offer but i dont think im going to restore it back to normal. ill let u know. Did you have to replace the converter?
    You can't get the original stuff but the Comet #20 series parts are a direct replacement. I purchased mine from BMI Karts, they have the best price. If you are restoring the bike to original and need a reproduced Hornet sticker, give me your mailing address and I will send one to you.

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