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  • Hey im hoping you have some insight on this.......I am new to the forum and have a few questions. I traded a guy a old go kart frame for a VT-5 roller. It does not have the jack shaft setup with it. If i flip the tire so the sprocket is on the left can i get away with running a clutch and chain on that side?
    I am in the process of restoring a K&S Hornet Deluxe and was wondering if toy still have the decals available. Please let me know? Thanks Cary email is
    I came across a hornet hard tail that I am redoing. I have sanded it down and have repainted it. Can you help with the stickers? They would top it off nicely if you have some.
    Thanks Mike
    I forgot to tell you that in the background of the pic is a 1968 Kaiser/Jeep M-725 1 1/4 ton army ambulance. It was commissioned to Oklahoma in '68 as a Civil Defense truck. I bought it with 8,000 original miles. Runs great,daily driver. That's why I'm selling the Bronc.
    Hey Bronc, I got one also. 1984 Super Bronc II. It's A VT1040. I've looked at 100s of them on line, and none have all the options mine has. I've got the front rack- rear rack-trailer hitch,lights, and i have the original muffler on it. It's about 99%. All the chrome is still good and the seat doesn't even have a scratch-let alone a rip. Haven't tried the electric start, but will soon. I need a battery.It still has the brake light switch in line with the cable, and it works. It's way cool to ride around. I get lots of looks. It is for sale,as I don't want to spend the time to clean it up. It's the cleanest barn find I've ever seen,tho. If you want more pix, let me know. Thanx for lettin me spout off here. Just can't beat a minibike guy. Randy McLeod
    Old thread but I 'll try. Do you have any of the hornet stickers still available? Ron Butler.
    15 Nottingham circle, Gulfport , Mississippi. Thanks in advance. How is the striped tape progressing?
    I too am looking for a decal for my Hornet. I have the frame stripped down and all the parts but will not be working on it again until after winter. Let me know if you have any more and how much you want for one. Thanks, Tom
    Hi, I am just starting to restore my old Hornet after finding it hidden at my dad's old house.
    Could I get a sticker from you? I'd take either the file you use, or a finished sticker, whichever is easiest for you. No hurry, and I will post pictures as I go. You can see all my 'Before' shots in my photo gallery. or 1923 NW Joshua Tree Ct, Redmond, Oregon 97756. Thanks a million!!
    Hey, my name is Richard and I'm currently restoring a hard tail Hornet and I see where you might have some decals available. Are they still available and if so how much? Also looking for some parts such as pulley cover and side stand. Do you have any idea where I could find those parts? I'm new and can't send PM's yet, could you e-mail me at my wifes e-mail account....

    Hey I am restoring A K&S Road Runner and need new brake band for jackshaft brake system. My brake drum is 2 1/2 inch O.D. What did you do?
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