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  • ok cool. i get it now. hows the seat coming ? no big deal let me know whenever you hear anything
    hey paul in the race post why are you apologizing to rpm for going to perri??
    thanks paul was just curious, like i said no rush at all,..... im just the i want it and i want it now type...lol no patience for minibike stuff, you know how it is...lol
    I forgot to give you $50 for the X-mas deal. I'll get together with you soon.
    Thank you for your purchase, indeed it will make someone happy!

    im not Lying to you Paul. I dont know what you two Have between you guys but Im Not Defending anyone. IM neutral about this and Im telling you the truth. I dont know who Randi CAllier is. MC
    I dont even know who Randy callier is. im asking you nicely Stop bothering me about who Randy callier is i DONT KNOW
    Wow! That's great !! Hent's not screwing around.

    You know, I didn't even see where he jumped in on that thread pretending to be a "newcomer". I don't know what to say. But this goes alot further than being a "little stupid" or a "little crazy". He's got some serious mental issues.

    As for Perris, my money is on him not showing. But if he does we can have some fun!

    Take care, Buddy
    How's this for starters...

    Hi Randy,
    I'll give you a call at work tomorrow, dude. You were right about Wyody. He did start Perris. But he would always schedule races in conflict with other events, even after he promised not to. He's just not that smart. Not very truthful either. Some guys are just like that. Anyways dude we'll talk tomorrow. How's the wheelchair biz?? I've got to head down there some time and meet your boss. I'd love to see those great chairs you build. I'll make sure I don't stay long, I don't want to interupt your mid-day posting on Oldminibikes.com
    Is it an exibition or a competition?...Had a great weekend...TT
    Still thrashing at it. Got the wheelie bar done. Will post some pics soon.
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