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  • Good day Sir, i know im a very new member , but i seen your post about needing a nice set of handle bars, because of the high price of chroming. check out youtube videos for spectra chrome. and the other videos in the list, there is also companys that sell direct to the general public. ive watched many of them and i have to say its the most amazing process ive ever seen in my life and im 53.alot of the vids are listed under spray chrome paint. i know what your thinking but i could not believe my freaking eyes when i saw the end product. and its so simple to do.
    I have 7 or 8 of the Taylor exhaust pipes I don't have any more for the slanted engines. At this time 0 4-sale unless the price is right. They are getting harder to find
    Hello Cris : Well Happy Birthday to you. I hope you can make it down the long country road to town today and celibrate your Birthday. Be safe but enjoy.
    Steve Durham
    I got what I believe to be a original Trail Lite Minibike, orange in color, don't believe to be missing anything, has a 3hp briggs(something around that hp), torque coverter that goes to jackshaft which leads back to the rear sprocket. Interested? Has nice gas tank, seat has 1 rip, I believe the tires are nice! Doesn't run.. YET
    mybiz did you ever buy that funderbird? mine was red also. i had one when i was in 6th im learning how to communicate on this thing
    mybiz did you ever buy that funderbird? mine was red also. i had one when i was in 6th until high school, the only thing i could remember my dad giving me for a b-day present. after i enlisted i sold it in 88 and never saw one until now. looking for one myself to pass onto my kids. couldnt find mine that i sold. thanks joe gest
    where did you get the spinner's for your truck(datsun viedo) left rear????? been looking forever!!!!!!
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